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Dr. Pablo Mateu

Dentist - Director

Dentist Col. no.: 482
Specialist in surgery, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Jairo Mateos


Dentist Col. No.: 07001229
Master in endodontics. Expert in periodontics and implant rehabilitation.

Dra. Verónica Palazzolo


Dentist Col. No.: 885
Master’s degree in orthodontics
Invisalign Diploma

Dra. Daniela Figueroa

Paediatric Dentist

Dentist Col. No.: 07001337
Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry

Marta Rechach​


Col. no.: 282149
Trainer of oral hygienists in the Balearic Islands.

Liana Cid

Dental Assistant

Susana Correa

Dental Assistant

María Mateu


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